Avatâra Ayuso

Artistic Director and Choreographer


Carlos Fernández López

Poet, Researcher and Dramaturge


Eugenia Morales

Set Designer


Pipo Tafel

Director and Producer for Dance and Media


Carmen Piqueras

Rehearsal Director





Emily Absalom


Mar Rodríguez


                      Sandra Français


                      Cindy Hammer



AVA Dance Company exists to support the artistic vision and work of choreographer and artistic director Avatâra Ayuso. For Avatâra, dance-making is considered an act of reflection where the work is produced after a never-ending process of conceptual and movement investigations, and where the biggest challenge is to find what the body is capable of in order to make it relevant to its time. In this way, dance is understood as a kind of “seventh sense” that allows us to approach the world from another perspective and contributes to the astonishing and multi-layered cultural context that defines life in the twenty-first century.

AVA Dance Company creates high quality dance performances with collaborators who come from different disciplines, particularly architecture, poetry, lighting, music and costume design. In working with collaborators Avatâra looks for a different way of perceiving and understanding the challenges of contemporary society, shifting everyone's thinking to approach the work. The figure of the dramaturge is an essential part of the creative process as are the dancers, who are valued as creative collaborators in the studio during the making of the dance work.

The company is also committed to distributing its work through a range of national and international platforms, not only by performing it but by promoting dance to all ages and abilities through its pedagogical strand. The dance vocabulary is contemporary in style but draws on other forms such as ballet, martial arts and butoh.

Convinced that the more constraints one imposes, the more one frees one's self, Avatâra has developed a special interest in site-specific work where the concepts of architecture and physical motion blend together in unusual and surprising ways. Experimentation and risk become, in this sense, key elements in the development and expression of the work of AVA Dance Company.

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It works. Complete. A wonderful symbiosis. The excellence of this work by Avatâra Ayuso lies in the emanated sensibility and quietness, which allows a concentrated view on the treated subjects.

Rico Stehfest

(Dresdner Kulturmagazin)

Avatâra Ayuso's work conjures up a visceral strength of conviction in her practice

                                                 Antonio Molina-Vázquez

               (Artistic Director Spain NOW!)

Avatâra Ayuso's well-plotted Pidgin was deservedly well-received. Enacted via a dynamic vocabulary of sometimes strenuously stretched yet undulant gyrations [...]


(Dance Europe Magazine)   

Ayuso makes use of a wide choreographic material which she manages to blend in a unique way, with a firm grip, searching along with her dancers in such a way that finally the authenticity of the movements and images convince us completely

Boris Michael Gruhl

(Tanznetz Germany)